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Heartfelt appreciation to...

Becky Crandall (mother of Emily & Julia) – for creating our CLIMB teddy bear logo

Berney Richert (my oldest son, and surviving twin brother of Andrew) – for being CLIMB's webmaster. When he was 10, he learned html in order to make it possible to create a site for CLIMB, then created our front page, and from then on continued to urge me, "You HAVE to do this, Mom!" until it finally happened – which also would not have been possible without his constant and willing help and support (and the support of his father, my husband Bernhard Richert, and brother, my "baby" son Alex).

Tara Truax (mother of Maria & Joshua) – for learning html conversion and converting many of the documents in the site, and always on the quickest turnaround despite her busy schedule

Barbara Garcia (the older of my two younger sisters, and now the grandmother of 4 single children) – for volunteering to proofread all the materials in the site, and doing it! – and Jeanne Marie Day as well.

Junelle Lawry (mother of Ryan & Rachael) and Brina Hartman (mother of Jacob, Beth, Emme & Daniel) – for creating the subsequent pregnancy interviews and "Remembering" interviews, respectively, in those site sections...Alice Check (mother of Candice & Patrick) – for creating, updating and sharing her much-needed article on SIDS in twins...Brenda Noble (mother of Jacob & his surviving quad siblings) – for her article on grieving for a supertwin...Amber Webb McIntyre, for her article on supporting parents...and Jen Chaisson (mother of Dylan & Barrett) for her help in updating the Bibliography.

Geraldine in France, Gaëlle and Manon in Quebec, Máriangeles in Buenos Aires, Christina in China, Silvia in Chicago and Yulia Redelina (assisted by Elena Shubert) for their translations of some of our articles, and to Beth Pector, MD for her assistance.

...and all those who shared their stories, updates and other items in this site and everyone – beginning with Lisa Fleischer, Terry Callaghan and Jodi Snyder – who offered their support and encouragement.

– Jean Kollantai
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