Example of a birth plan

This is the birth plan of a couple who live in England who learned first that one of their twin babies had birth defects and would not live long past birth, then learned that she had died in-utero at about 27 weeks along. They were able to utilize their plan when the babies were induced at 38 weeks along, including seeing and holding Coran and having photos. (Their complete story is in our members’ section.)

Birth Plan

For our twins, Ella Violet Blanche S. (Twin 1) and Coran Engyl S. (Twin 2)

Thank you for participating in the birth of our twins, Ella and Coran, and for taking the time to read and understand our wishes for this birth process. This birth will be a bittersweet experience for us in the most dramatic sense we can imagine, as one of our twins, Coran, passed away in utero at 27 weeks gestation. We ask that you acknowledge both babies as our cherished children through this experience.

In helping us during the birth, we ask that you see beyond the physical and tragic aspects of this situation, and recognise our need for time to grieve alone, and with the family.

Thank you for helping us through this difficult time.

Our Wishes:

1. Of utmost importance are that Vicky and Jeremy are present and conscious for all aspects of this birth process. Under no circumstances, except in an instance threatening to her life or Ella’s life, should Vicky be placed under general anaesthesia.
2. We ask for as much privacy from other patients as possible throughout our time at the hospital.
3. We ask that you refer to our twins by their given names: Ella (Twin 1) and Coran (Twin 2).
4. We prefer to deliver both babies vaginally. Vicky wishes to retain as much mobility as possible to facilitate birth and would like to be as active as possible throughout labour.
5. Vicky would prefer not to wear an electronic foetal monitor at all times. She would prefer that Ella’s heart beat is monitored intermittently using a hand-held device.
6. Internal examinations should be kept to a minimum.
7. Vicky’s mother, Chris (a qualified practitioner), will administer homeopathic remedies as she sees fit to facilitate the birth process, for the relief of physical pain and to help deal with the emotional aspects of the situation.
8. If at all possible, Vicky would like to use the birthing pool in the early stages of labour.
9. Vicky would prefer a natural third stage with no drugs. If the placenta is not delivered naturally within the expected timescale, Vicky would like to try homeopathic remedies before ergometrine is administered.
10. We do not wish Vitamin K to be administered to Ella after delivery.
11. Knowing that Coran will be stillborn, we would like to hold him/her for as long as we wish to and as often as we wish. We may also like the opportunity to spend time with Coran in the days after the birth, once the immediate emotional impact has settled.
12. We would like Ella to born onto Vicky’s chest and cleaned there.
13. We would like Coran to be cleaned and wrapped in a blanket and then handed to us.
14. We would like both children to be kept with us, together, at all times possible.
15. We ask that Vicky’s and Jeremy’s immediate family (parents and sisters) be given the opportunity to say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ to Coran and to hold the babies and have photographs with either or both the twins, if they so wish.
16. We request that the hospital take pictures of both children, first of Ella, then of Ella and Coran together, then of Coran.
17. We would like to make feet and hand moulds of both children, if the condition of Coran’s body allows.
18. We would like to make feet and hand prints of both children.
19. If at all possible, we would like to keep the following mementos of Coran: lock of hair, crib blanket, crib card, medical records, identification bracelet, cord clamp and any other item that is associated with Coran before and after delivery.
20. We would like Ella’s birth certificate to correctly identify her as one of a twin pregnancy.
21. We would like a birth certificate to be issued for Coran, even if (s)he is stillborn.
22. We would like the hospital chaplain to visit us after delivery for a blessing for both babies, at which only Jeremy, Vicky and the babies will be present.
23. We would really appreciate any efforts to determine zygosity of the twins.
24. We would really appreciate any efforts to determine Coran’s gender.
25. We do not wish an autopsy to be carried out on Coran.
26. We would like to have a cremation of Coran’s body.