Our Twin Son & Daughter


1. Your name and some details about your twin or higher multiple baby(s) who died, and other children (if any, living or previous losses)… Eric – dad to Jack, Olivia and Emily Grace.

2. When I remember my baby(s), I… smile for the time that I had with them and cry for the times I don’t have anymore.

3. The worst part is… never seeing them grow up.

4. I have coped with anger by… putting all of my energy into making my marriage better, stronger and into raising my daughter. Also, I have learned not to hold it inside and that it is ok to cry when I miss them.

5. I still have problems with… not being able to help my wife or have any control over the situation. Seeing twins still bothers me, it makes my loss that much more acute. When family and friends seem to ignore the fact that I had two wonderful children who are no longer here, but will always be a part of me.

6. I have learned that… every moment of every day is priceless. Everything no matter how small or seemingly insignificant should never be overlooked. Life is too short to worry about things of little consequence. Children truly are God’s greatest gift. My wife and my marriage are stronger than I ever could have imagined.

7. I no longer think that… I have control over everything. That I’m young and can always have more.

8. I remember when… my daughter and son were born. Like it was yesterday… I held them for the last time and said goodbye for now.

9. My partner (if any) and I feel close when… we cry together and give each other just one glance and the other knows exactly what one is thinking.

10. The best time to remember my baby (s) are… when I look at my daughter and I see a little bit of each one in there.

11. The worst times to remember my baby (s) are… There are no worst times, I never forget them.

12. Sometimes I wish… that I had 5 more minutes to hold each one of them. That they could play with and talk to their little sister. That it was me and not them.

13. When I could handle it again, I did… ?

14. If I could choose whether or not to have twins again (or triplets or more etc. again)… I would want to have twins again, but would be very scared.