Owen, our triplet son

The following was written by Michael for his triplet son Owen, and read by him at Owen’s funeral:

Dear Owen,

Mommy and Daddy would like to thank you for the 42 days of life that you gave us. We know 42 days is a short time; however you touched so many lives in those 42 days. We could tell from the day we met that you had a lot of fight in you. Your mother and I were fighting with you.

You were the first to acknowledge us as your parents. Your mother was on one side and I was on the other side of your isolette, and you held and squeezed both of our fingers for approximately 20 minutes. Those were the most precious minutes of our lives, and we’ve been living for over 28 years. Actually, the 42 days were the most precious days of our lives. We cherished holding and kissing you good bye.

Before you were born, we were calling you our kicker. We wanted you to be a kicker in the NFL. Every time we watched an NFL game, we would make fun of how kickers tackled or tried to tackle, and we would say, “Owen would have knocked him on his ass”.

After your lungs collapsed, the stress caused a brain injury that would not allow you to be a kicker. We felt your pain, we cried with you. How could this happen to our little OWEE? We accepted it. We refused to give up on you. We researched, prayed, and comforted you the best that we could. We were looking forward to the challenge of raising you. We want you to know, we would have done ANYTHING for you to live a happy life. You opened a lot of people’s eyes.

In closing, you, Owen Paul, are still, and always will be a part of our TEAM. Please protect your sister Kara Ann and your brother Christopher Michael and any other teammates that join our team. Give them the strength to prosper and live a healthy life. Guide them through the rough obstacles of life, when we are not there. We will always see you as a part of them. WE LOVE YOU!

Daddy and Mommy