To Andrew (Can You Hear Me) To My Baby (Parents Song)

Andrew, can you hear me above life’s daily sounds when my heart cries out for you to
Do you speak to me in soft, hushed tone when silence deafens my ears?
I would sing for you; I would listen to you; I would scream and sing!
But now I cry for you.

Do you feel my sobbing? Do you know my emptiness?
I had two babies, but only one is at my breast.
I delighted in your antics as you did your little tricks
I loved you all the more when I felt your playful kicks.

You will never see the sunlight, never smell a rose,
Never hear the sea wind roar nor feel the cold, wet snow.
I can never hold your hand, watch your first steps or hear you giggle.

Andrew, can you hear me? Through ears that know my voice
You listened to my tones of joy and fears, and you were a part of me. You responded to my tough and danced to my song.
Andrew, do you know me though you never saw my face
You must have known I loved you, because
I love you now so much.

Where are you, Andrew? It has been so very long.
It is so lonely now that you are gone
I miss you more than my heart can bear.
I did my very best; Why couldn’t you stay?
I know you loved me, too. You still are
a part of me.

…for Andrew Kollantai Richert