To Joe and to John

To Joe and to John with all of our love
Our two little angels looking down from above

I want to try and write to you what we are feeling today
But our sorrow is so great right now that it gets in the way

I don’t need to tell you two about the pain we’ve been through
Only that I’d do it again in a second just to hold each of you

I’d look at you and marvel at your tiny fingers and toes
And smile at you as you fuss when I press on your nose

I’d kiss you and hug you and cradle you near
And rock you to sleep with a song in your ear

There are so many things your Mommy and I wanted for you
That just can’t be replaced with “we did the best we could do”

We are so very sorry boys that it wasn’t enough
Feeling like we let you down is what makes this so rough

We wish things were different but I guess it wasn’t His plan
It just seems like you should be home with Mom & Dad and MisterMan

But God has his reasons and I am sure they are better
And if you can’t be with us, we know at least you are together

I won’t ask you God to answer all of the questions for me
Instead, I’ll ask you to be for them the parents we wanted to be

Please hold them close and love them as only you can do
And kiss them for us everyday until we can be there too

My dearest boys, in heaven you now play
On earth here we miss you more than words could ever say.