To Our Dad

Dear Dad,

Last year, at this time, you just found out about “our” existence. Although, at first, you didn’t know that we were two, you were excited about the fact that you were doing to be a new dad, again. We loved you from the beginning. Just as you were dreaming of us – so were we of you. Although we knew that we couldn’t stay, there were so many things we wished we could say. We loved you then, and we love you now!! We always will!! – you know. Even though we are not physically there, just know that we are closer than you think. When you’re out playing with your new basketball we’ll be there, too. We wish that things could be different. That you weren’t so sad but one day you’ll understand, and we’ll be together forever. Just be patient, Dad.

This year Mom is carrying a new baby and we’ve told him⁄her to take really good care of you. And because of “us”, we think you’ll really have a special bond. Through him⁄her we live on. We’re in really good hands, Dad. Don’t worry about us. When you need something, just ask. We’ll always be here to help you through. And we look forward to the day when we’ll all be together again. We have so much to talk about.

Take care of Mom, and the rest of the family. They need you more than you know.
We’ll always love you!
Happy Anniversary,
: : : : : : : :Reece & Riley,
: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :Your firstborn sons
(stillborn at 34 weeks along)

P.S. Dad, enjoy doing those “boy things” ’cause when you do – we’ll be closer than you think.