You May Have Seen Me

You may have seen me,
Out with my boys.
I’m a painful reminder
of your stolen joys.

The joy of twins,
Something you should have had.
I know when you see me,
you turn away sad.

But I share in your tears,
when you see me.
Because for us,
There should have been three.

…for her triplet son Nathan who was stillborn at 28 weeks. She says, “If a stranger asks me if my children are twins I usually answer yes. Their next question is usually, ‘Did you know you were having twins?’ I then answer, ‘Actually, I had triplets. Their brother did not survive, but yes, I knew at 8 weeks I was having triplets.’ Also, to keep the memory alive, I refer to my pregnancy as ‘when I was pregnant with the triplets’. This gives my friends and family permission to remember Nathan too. Nathan’s life and death are such an open book that my friends and family actually inform strangers that my children are triplets.”