Kevin & Charlie

To Kevin and Charlie

You were going to come home
To an apartment full of love
In the Spring, with the fresh breeze
Red Sox games on the radio
While I held you and walked you around the kitchen
While mom fed your brother and rocked him

You were going to bring families together
Smiles on older, wrinkled faces
Fears at leaving you with a babysitter while brothers and sisters started their married life
Pictures of milestones, stories of first steps

You were going to have so much unconditional love
With James and Will, you would have a band
You would skate and play violin and vids
You would go away to college with the faith that you could do it
You were going to change the world and our world

Instead there is a darkness, a whole that nothing can fill
I filled the hole for your grave, with frozen dirt
Our souls will never be filled again
Yet, we must live though our hopes have died
We remember you in butterflies

I pray that all the stores are true
You are in your grandmothers’ arms
Your ancestors watch and marvel at how beautiful you are
Until we meet again


Daddy and Mommy