Tribute (poems)

I miss you both
I want to hold you
I want to feed you
And comfort you.
I hope you’re doing okay.
Take care of each other.
Gregory, stay close to Kelsey,
She needs you now.
I’m sure you both know I love you.
Your father and I miss you terribly.
We think of you every minute.
And I hope you can hear us.
We want to put you both to rest.
It is not easy to say goodbye.
Take each other’s hand and stay close.
Be glad to have one another.
Guide each other.
And love each other.
There is strength in pairs.
Never let go of each other.
Your father and I will do the same.
Love you both.
Love, Mom

A Mother

Am I?
Was I?

When people ask,
“Do you have any kids?”
Did I?

Do I explain this horrible tragedy?
I was a mother for 20 minutes.
Was I?

I gave birth to babies,
Does that make me a mother?
Or do I simply know in my heart
That I had babies and I am a Mom
To my twins?

They know.
I know.