Almost 9 years later…

Looking around me, at my subsequent daughter, Madalyn’s, friends, it’s hard to believe that my Christopher and David would be almost 9 years old this coming April 12. Madalyn just turned 7 this past November, and this past September, a friend of hers turned 10. I can hardly imagine having 2 children running around at that age. They would be so spoiled around here, being the only boys. (The only other boy in the neighborhood isn’t even 1 yet.)

Back in 2003, I purchased a necklace from Avon. It is a Mothers Necklace. I got three “shoes” with birthstones in them for the necklace. That was just before Madalyn turned 5. Shortly after that Christmas, in about February of 2004, Madalyn wanted to know the story behind the necklace. I had put her “shoe” in the middle, with Christopher and David on either side of hers. She had known from the beginning that she was the middle “shoe”. Now it came to that time to decide if it was the “right time” to tell her about her brothers. I had thought many times before this about how to tell her, and when to tell her, about her brothers, but this still took me by surprise. So, I finally told her, “Mommy had 2 babies before you were born, but they died. They are up in heaven now, watching over us and protecting us”. I was not expecting the reaction that I got from her. She was thrilled to know that she has two “big brothers” watching over her from heaven. When I wear the necklace, she points out to people “I’m the one in the middle and the other 2 are my brothers. They are my angels!”

About 6 months back, in the summer, she came to me in tears. She had tried to take the necklace down off the hook that it was on when I wasn’t wearing it, and she had pulled the clasp apart by accident. She was so scared that she had hurt her brothers by doing so. I explained to her then, that her brothers are in heaven, not the necklace, and they are not mad at her for breaking the necklace, and neither was I. When we went shopping with a friend of ours and her daughter, Madalyn and my friend, Diane, went off together in the store, as did Diane’s daughter, Valerie, and I. When we all got home, Madalyn gave me a present that she had bought with Diane. It was a beautiful gold necklace with an angel on it. She is such a thoughtful little girl!

The only thing I have yet to do is show her the pictures of her brothers from when they were “born”. I am thinking however, that it would be best to wait a few more years, until she is maybe 13 or so. If anyone has any ideas on when⁄how to approach this, I would love to hear from you!

I would also like to say, that without CLIMB and Jean and all the CLIMBers, these last almost 9 years would have been a lot harder to have gotten through. Thank You all for always being there when I needed you!

Karen A.