Our Kylee

Kevin and Kylee are twins who were born safely to their parents after IVF. Kylee died in a simple fall from a toddler chair when they were 23 months old. Their mom has written some of the questions that Kevin asked when he was younger; and Kevin, now a thriving teenager, wrote some comments on their 10th birthday.

Questions Kevin asked after Kylee died

Why do some sisters have to die?

Why can’t Kylee come down from heaven to play with me like Mary Poppins does?

How did Kylee get to the church (for the funeral)?

Why did Kylee go away at church? (after the funeral)?

When⁄how did Kylee go to heaven?

Why did Kylee’s body stop working? How did she get stuck? Why couldn’t the doctors save her?

Was it my fault Kylee died? Was it Pam’s fault Kylee died? Or was it Kylee’s fault?

What does Kylee do in heaven?

Is your heart cracked because Kylee died?

When will I get to see Kylee again?

Why did you have to put her body in the ground, can’t we dig it up and get her?

Why do you have Kylee’s picture on those papers for the Giving Tree?

Kylee was a great sister. She played with me and was there for me. We shared all kinds of things including food, toys, our room and even a crib for 7 months. We also got into trouble once. We got out of the bathtub and ran into the kitchen and we went potty all over the floor. Then, we had to get back in the bathtub again. We loved bath time. What I miss most about her is playing with her, having fun and laughing with her and I miss her smile. I miss her on our birthday. This year for our 10th birthday, I asked Mom to make chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting for the boys in my class and chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting as a way to remember Kylee. I like doing things for the Kylee Lillich Charitable Giving Tree in her memory and it was fun being on the TV news. But, mostly I miss her being with me each day.